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Don’t Touch That Unloader!

Power washing in Chicago IL can handily manage different types of cleaning tasks, but the equipment can also be very dangerous and must be treated with respect. Each pressure washer is graded for a specific amount of pressure (PSI) that cannot be exceeded for any...

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Don’t Let Bad Fuel Near Your Tank!

What’s worse than dragging out the pressure washer after a period of storage, only to have it sputter and refuse to start? Poor quality, stale, or contaminated fuel can wreak havoc on your equipment and cause it to malfunction. Today we’ll be discussing the effects of...

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All About Efflorescence

Your client has just completed a brickwork construction or put down some new concrete pavers. After only a few months, they’ve called you out because of a build-up of an unattractive, powdery white substance on the surface of the build. This accumulation is called...

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Help! I Froze My Pressure Washer

Elgin Pressure washer parts are durable but often can’t withstand the Chicago winters without proper precautions. If you think you might have frozen your pressure washer, do not start it up! Instead, follow these steps to determine whether your machine needs...

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Why Did My Pressure Washer Lose Pressure?

The most common and frustrating pressure washer problem is low or lost water pressure. However, before you bring your machine in for pressure washer repair in Chicago, here are a few steps you can take on your own. The Hose The hose is always the first item you should...

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Winterizing Your Pressure Washer Before it Gets Cold

As the temperature begins to drop, it is important to remind yourself to winterize your commercial pressure washer in Chicago before you put it away for the season. Winterizing your pressure washer is essential in order to protect the internal seals by keeping them...

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How Minor Leaks Can Lead to Expensive Repairs

Pressure washers are a powerful and efficient tool but require specific maintenance to work at full capacity. A leaking Chicago pressure washer usually indicates a broken or cracked piece. If you notice a leak, stop using your washer immediately. The highly pressured...

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