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High PSI was founded in 1976 by Tim Layden, a Vietnam Veteran, and Karen Layden out of their garage just days after they were married.

Tim’s background growing up on a farm in central Illinois (and hence fixing everything under the sun that can and did break), plus his post-college sales experience, along with Karen’s business management degree and experience made for a perfect combination. They heard about this new tool called a pressure washer that could clean way faster than the old mop and broom method.

Almost no one was using pressure washers back in those days, so they had an uphill battle, but they dove right in. They both quit full-time jobs and started selling pressure washers.

Tim called on anyone and everyone he could, often following Karen’s directions, to not return home until the machine on the back of his truck was sold. They had bills to pay! Fast forward a few years, and they hired their first employee and were able to rent a space away from their home. With time, came experience and expertise, and High PSI became Chicago’s leading source on all things pressure washing. Through the years, they have built up their team and their space.

Service on site or at our facility by an experienced and cost-efficient tech team.  We have techs with over 20 years of experience working on cleaning equipment.

Our goal is to get you up and running promptly, minimizing any production downtime.

HIGH PSI is recognized throughout the United States as an authority on industrial cleaning equipment. We are the largest pressure washer distributor in the Chicago area due to our top quality products, expert service, and extensive product knowledge, all at reasonable prices.

Let us show you the best in:

  • Pressure washers – New and reconditioned
  • Parts washers
  • Waste oil heaters
  • Waste-water recovery equipment
  • Parts and accessories
  • Cleaning detergents
  • Graffiti removal solutions
  • Rentals for temporary needs
  • Service at our location or yours

Our Mission Statement

HIGH PSI LTD will continue to be an industry leader and will supply the highest quality products and services to our customers. Our goal is to attain lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers and to strive for a leadership role in any market we enter.

We are dedicated to being a model supplier to our various markets for pressure washing equipment, chemicals, parts washers, waste oil furnaces, and all related parts and services. Our company goals are achieved by the teamwork of our dedicated employees to whom we are committed to maintaining a stable and safe working environment while promoting employee training, advancement, and security. HIGH PSI LTD will build upon our past successes while aggressively making the necessary changes to ensure that we will continue to serve our customer base and be strong and profitable through the 21st century.
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