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Mosmatic High-Pressure Products for Professional Cleaning

Mosmatic produces efficient cleaning tools for professional use. Our cleaners set the standard for commercial and industrial applications.  Mosmatic provides effective and efficient cleaning equipment for various operations. We set our standards high when it comes to the best quality, ergonomic design and sustainable products that are made for daily use.


mosmatic aqua









Mosmatic Surface Cleaner Aqua with Integrated Recovery. The dirty water and debris is recovered and expelled with the Venturi principle eliminating the need for a vacuum system.

  • Integrated Recovery
  • Temperatures up to 250°F

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Graffiti Remover

graffiti remover









The Graffiti remover has an upgraded swivel and rotor arm for more industrial applications such as graffiti removal. It is also used in restoring a wide variety of surfaces, as well as indoor and outdoor contract cleaning.

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Hurricane Pro










With the Hurricane Pro model, you are not only able to clean underneath vehicles, but you also have the ability to pivot the spray deck which allows for multiple cleaning angles. The adjustable angles allow “all-around” cleaning of construction equipment, fleet vehicles, boats or agricultural machines.

  • 6 different cleaning angles
  • Ergonomic and versatile
  • Easy to maneuver

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Gum Remover

gum remover









Mosmatic takes the edge off work with the “All-in-one” cleaning tool. Remove chewing gum from public areas such as sidewalks, train stations, parks, and school facilities.

  • Effective and efficient cleaning
  • With a fluid recovery system
  • Gum remover bracket

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Roof Cleaner

roof cleaner









The roof cleaner is an industrial quality tool can be used quickly and efficiently as the operator stands safely on the ridge. Security, stability as well as cleaning results are emphasized. This stainless steel unit will provide optimal performance under harsh conditions.

  • Height and width adjustable
  • Quad bearing swivel
  • For professional roof cleaners

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Duct Cleaner

duct cleaner









Clean vent hoods, trash chutes, pipes, totes, manholes, and most containers. This self-rotating unit is completely maintenance free. The rotating head spins within the protective cage directing the high-pressure spray to your surface.

  • Easy installation
  • Self-rotating and stainless steel
  • Adjustable and non-adjustable versions

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Manhole Cleaner

sewer cleaner






Mosmatic Manhole cleaner is ideal for the restoration, cleaning, and service of manholes, lift stations and other long verticle drops. Easy to use self-rotating equipment made for higher flow rates.

  • Duct cleaner with protection plate
  • Optimal cleaning of vertical main
  • Easy to use

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Silo Cleaner

silo cleaner






Mosmatic has a solution for cleaning Silos and other large diameter verticle drops. The extendable arms with rollers help guide and maintain a close surface cleaning impact. Simply attach a suspension cable to the eyelets and use your winch to raise and lower the Silo Cleaner.

  • Equipped with stabilizer nozzles
  • Completely maintenance-free
  • Adjusts to your application



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