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Alkota Water Treatment


Media Filtration Systems

Filtration SystemsWater Treatment and Recovery System

Alkota media filtration systems are an affordable, low-maintenance way of working with water conservation or environmental regulation that limits the discharge of waste streams generated from pressure washers or steam cleaners.  The system uses above-ground storage and process tanks for easy service and maintenance. Three models to choose from 5, 10, or 20GPM.

Portable Recycle Systems

Portable Recycle Systems

Protecting the environment from wash water runoff and complying with governmental storm drain regulations is simple, economical, and effective with the Alkota Vacuum Filtration System (VFS). The VFS can reclaim from a 5-8 GPM pressure washer and includes a 50’ suction hose and 14” suction head. Features include discharge point of choice, multi-phase separation, 120V, low amperage, reduces 99%of free petroleum hydrocarbons, reduces suspended solid load down to 10 microns.  Options include a wheel kit with a hose rack, replacement filter kit, and single vacuum to dual vacuum kit.

Vacuum Blower System

Vacuum Blower System

Pressure Washer Recycling system VACGD23 will capture your wash water so you can filter or dispose of depending on your needs.  You can connect to a surface cleaner while washing flatwork or reclaim from the wash mat or wash area. This will keep you compliant with the EPA’s clean water act. If you need to filter and reuse your water you can pair it with an Alkota VFS system for high volume filtering.  Options include vacuum hoses, booms, 300 or 500-gallon collection tanks.

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