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As the temperature begins to drop, it is important to remind yourself to winterize your commercial pressure washer in Chicago before you put it away for the season. Winterizing your pressure washer is essential in order to protect the internal seals by keeping them lubricated while not in use.  

Remove Remaining Water

To prevent excess water from freezing and cracking the fragile parts of your pressure washer, all leftover water and detergent needs to be removed before storing. Place the injection tube in a bucket of fresh water. Run your system on a low-pressure setting for about two minutes and then turn off the engine and water supply. Next, squeeze the trigger of the spray gun to relieve trapped pressure. Disconnect and dry all attachments. Lastly, to remove any water leftover in the pump, pull the recoil handle repeatedly until the water is gone. 

Add Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel stabilizer should be added to the fuel tank to ensure the gas does not clog the fuel lines during storage. Follow the fuel stabilizer manufacturer instructions to add the liquid to your commercial pressure washer in Chicago. Run the engine for about two minutes to allow the stabilizer to move around the system and then shut it down. 

Add Antifreeze 

Antifreeze is used to prevent moisture in the pump from freezing over winter. Fill the pump with antifreeze until it runs out of the outlet where the high pressure hose connects to the pump. Keep the liquid here all winter and drain before using your machine again the following spring. 

If you need any more winter care tips for your commercial pressure washer in Chicago, contact High PSI. Call 800-666-3900 or visit our website today.