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High PSI has sold and maintained thousands of pressure washers in Chicago, along with providing the very best pressure washing service since 1976. When it comes to any job using water pressure equipment, we know from experience that the size of the nozzle is crucial. Today, we’ll be providing a primer on selecting the right nozzle for your job.

How it Works

The nozzle does not create the pressure in and of itself. Instead, the pressure washer pump creates a specific amount of flow, and by damming the flow with the nozzle, you create pressure. In simple terms, it’s like putting your thumb over the end of a garden hose to create a more powerful stream of water. In using pressure washer equipment, the nozzle replaces your thumb and must be properly sized and paired with the flow of the pressure washer.

Selecting Your Nozzle, 0-40 degrees

Using too small a nozzle can over-pressure the pump and create problems, like damaging your wood deck or punching through the mortar of your brick siding, leading to expensive repairs. On the other hand, if the nozzle is too large, you lose efficiency and cleaning power. Usually, pressure washers come with three or four color-coded nozzles:

  • Red – O° nozzle for maximum blasting, removing rust and tough, caked-on mud
  • Yellow – 15° nozzle for medium stripping, great for removing tough dirt and mud
  • Green – 25° nozzle for gentle lifting and cleaning, and often the most used nozzle around the home
  • White – 40° nozzle, great for fragile surfaces like windows and blinds

Pressure Washers in Chicago, IL

We hope that this primer on nozzle size helps you, and remember if you need a pressure washer in Chicago, Il or pressure washing treatment, always call High Pressure PSI first! Contact us today to ask any questions you have regarding our services, to schedule an appointment, or to inquire about one of our products.