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Power washing in Chicago IL can handily manage different types of cleaning tasks, but the equipment can also be very dangerous and must be treated with respect. Each pressure washer is graded for a specific amount of pressure (PSI) that cannot be exceeded for any reason. Today we’ll be discussing the role of the unloader, and why you should never alter the PSI of your pressure washer once it’s properly set.

What is an Unloader?

The unloader, typically located on the side of the spray gun, is used to recirculate water back into the pump when the sprayer is not in use. Without a well-functioning unloader valve, the pressure inside your machine would exceed its limits and cause serious damage to it. Even with an unloader, it’s not a good idea to leave your pressure washer running for too long without spraying to relieve some pressure; if you need to step away from your project, turn the machine off.

The Dangers of Adjusting Your PSI

Many unloader valves also work to regulate output pressure. Because your pressure washer is graded for a specific PSI or range, adjusting pressure using the unloader is not a good idea. This is likely to result in damage to your machine or damage to the surface you are working on. No one pressure washer can handle every kind of job, and it’s best to get professional recommendations, a new pressure washer, or a rental for special tasks.

Power Washing in Chicago, IL

Accidents happen, and even when everything goes right, sometimes you need repairs or tune-ups to keep your pressure washer in proper working order. High PSI is the leading industrial cleaning equipment dealer in the Chicagoland area. We can help by providing repairs, maintenance, and assistance selecting your washer and appropriate accessories. Contact us today!