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Scheduled Maintenance Program

High PSI’s Scheduled Pressure Washer Maintenance Program

Industrial-grade pressure washers are put through the paces, often used in dirty, dusty conditions. However, with proper care and scheduled check-ups, you can extend the life of your pressure washer greatly. High PSI, Ltd. offers a scheduled maintenance program that includes a 24-point inspection to keep your cleaning equipment working properly.  There is no cost up front to get started.

How We Maintain Pressure Washers

Our comprehensive 24-point, scheduled maintenance checkup includes the following:

  • Check pump pressure
  • Check pump volume
  • Check inlet screens and filters
  • Check gun and wand for wear
  • Check amp draw
  • Check coil for soot build up
  • Check coil for scale build up
  • Check for contaminated fuel
  • Check for hose wear
  • Check belt tension and wear
  • Check soap control system
  • Change electrodes and burner nozzle
  • Change pump crankcase oil
  • Change engine crankcase oil and filter
  • Change engine fuel filter
  • Change burner fuel filter
  • Check nozzle for proper size and wear
  • Check unloader and grease if needed
  • Check electrical cord and wiring
  • Check thermostat for proper cycling
  • Check engine spark plugs
  • Check all safety valves
  • Check burner for proper combustion

Why to Consider Scheduled Pressure Washer Maintenance

Wondering if you should sign up for our scheduled maintenance program? Here are a few important reasons to consider:

  1. Most pressure washer/steam cleaners are operated for long periods of time and are not checked or repaired unless they break down.
  2. Units that are operated with marginal hoses, safety valves, and pressure unloaders that often are not working properly, which could cause a safety hazard
  3. The pressure washer slowly decreases in pressure during operation due to a number of reasons: the coil being clogged with lime*; the unloader sticking; poor pump packings, etc. These cause an increase in labor hours to perform your cleaning jobs.
  4. You will also receive a 10% discount on parts used or purchased at the time of service.
  5. If we don’t have the parts for the repair there will be no return trip charge.
  6. Free on-site operator training and process consultation for the life of the agreement.

Scheduled Maintenance is Available for all Brands of Pressure Washers

Still not sure if you should sign up for scheduled maintenance? The advantages are many. For instance, the entire pressure washer is checked and tested with a pressure gauge to ensure all systems are working satisfactorily. The certified service technician reviews a check-off list and then recommends needed repairs.

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