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Undercarriage Cleaners

Heavy-Duty Drive Over Undercarriage Cleaner

It’s now easy and fast to clean the other half of your equipment with the Heavy-Duty Drive Over Undercarriage Cleaner from High PSI, Ltd.

  • Heavy-Duty, 1/4 Inch Steel
  • Three, High-Pressure Nozzles
  • Powder Coated for Durability
  • Easily Bolts to Shop Floor

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Drive Over Undercarriage Cleaner

Cleaning underneath your vehicle just got a whole lot easier.  Our undercarriage cleaning accessories help you clean the “other half” of your equipment will save you time, money and help extend the life of your equipment.  Stop by or call today for a demonstration.

Hurricane Pro from Mosmatic

Hurricane Pro Mosmatic








  • 8.7 inch minimum clearance
  • Stabilizer nozzles
  • Adjustable  cleaning head, 6 different angles, 0 degrees to 90 degrees
  • Large casters for uneven surfaces
  • 4000 psi
  • Up to 250 degree farenheit


Undercarriage Cleaner – 4″ Wheels

Undercarriage Cleaner – 4″ Wheels

Requires 5.5″ vehicle clearance
Easy handling and maneuverability
Front skid plate
4″ wheel assembly
Approximately 24″ of cleaning area
Pressure up to 4000 PSI
Temperatures up to 250º
Standard Handle: 27.5″- 47″
Longer Handle: 33.5″- 60″

Undercarriage Lance

Ideal for rinsing mud, dirt, snow, and salt from your equipment underbody.  It comes with an inline spray gun and connects to your existing pressure washer. Light in weight and rolls easily with a long reach.

Undercarriage Lance

  • Ergonomic lance to reduce bending
  • Plastic coated stainless steel pipe
  • Stainless steel chassis and POM wheels
  • Uses three threaded MEG nozzles