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Rea UltraVapor Steam Cleaning Overview

Food Industry Cleaning Equipment

UltraVapor dry steam cleaning provides sanitization and infection control to remove listeria, e-Coli, salmonella and other pathogenic microorganisms on food processors equipment

Rea UltraVapor Dry Steam Cleaning Equipment:

  • Kills all microorganisms, including those in hard to address harborage areas, in one step
  • Easily and effectively removes allergens from equipment
  • Eliminates biofilms which normal foam and rinse protocols leave behind
  • “Details” equipment removing stains and residue build-up including in water-sensitive and difficult to reach areas
  • Is safely used around electrical equipment, sensors, inside control panels, on motors, etc
  • Can be integrated into “dry clean” protocols for improved effectiveness. Equipment is cleaned, sanitized, dried and ready for immediate use
  • Significantly reduce water consumption and wastewater creation. Reduces or eliminates chemical usage
  • Can be used during production increasing the efficiency of the Sanitation department

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