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Pressure washers are a powerful and efficient tool but require specific maintenance to work at full capacity. A leaking Chicago pressure washer usually indicates a broken or cracked piece. If you notice a leak, stop using your washer immediately. The highly pressured water that runs through the machine will risk progressing the leak and furthering the damage beyond repair.

Why Is My Pressure Washer Leaking?

Chicago pressure washers can begin to leak for various reasons. The most common type of leak occurs when your pressure washer is left idle during the winter months with standing water left inside the machine. The water freezes and expands causing plastic components to crack from the pressure. If there is no obvious crack, you can assume the leak is caused by natural wear and tear. Worn or broken seals can begin to let water or oil escape over time.

How to Stop a Pressure Washer from Leaking

You can avoid leaks by ensuring you use and store your machine safely. First, remember to always drain your pressure washer following the manufacturer’s instructions before you store it for the winter. Additionally, ensure you are storing your Chicago pressure washer away from sharp objects that could puncture the hose or crack plastic components.

How to Fix Leaks

Whether the leak is caused by a worn-out seal or a broken piece, if caught early enough all leaks can be fixed with a simple repair or replacement part. At the first sign of a leak, bring your pressure washer into High PSI for maintenance. Call 800-666-3900 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.