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The most common and frustrating pressure washer problem is low or lost water pressure. However, before you bring your machine in for pressure washer repair in Chicago, here are a few steps you can take on your own.

The Hose

The hose is always the first item you should check, considering it’s responsible for the water supply. Check thoroughly for any kinks, cracks or blockages. If you don’t see anything, detach the hose and check to see if there is any debris caught in the filter that may be restricting the flow.

The Nozzle

Overtime the intense water pressure can cause the nozzle to become worn out, plugged or misshapen. This causes more water to flow through the nozzle, diminishing the pressure. This type of issue is usually depicted by an unusual spray pattern. Luckily a nozzle replacement is the easiest and most inexpensive pressure washer repair in Chicago.

The Unloader Valve

The unloader valve is designed to increase or decrease the water pressure. If you are experiencing a gradual loss in pressure and you have already checked the hose and nozzle, you should adjust the unloader valve slowly in small increments to produce a stronger pressure. This valve should always be adjusted with the machine on and water flowing through the system.

If you have completed all three of these steps but you’re still not sure what the problem is, contact High PSI. Schedule a pressure washer repair in Chicago by visiting us online or calling 800.666.3900.