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Vacuum Units

Steel Eagle Fury 2400 CVU

Compact vacuum systems capable of fluid recovery with one or two clean and capture tools

Are you tired of heavy, large systems filling up your rig?
Smaller footprint and lighter weight systems without compromising on cleaning power is your solution!
Our Fury 2400CVU system packs a punch with many of the same features of our larger units and easy access to all maintenance points.



• Powder Coat Paint
• Belt Driven Positive Displacement Blower
• Oil Level Sight Glass
• Oil Bath Gear End
• Heavy Duty Vac Relief Valve
• Extra Quiet MagnaFlow Blower Silencer
• Vacuum Gauge
• Cam Lever Hose Couplings
• Heavy Duty 7 Gauge Frame
• Tuthill Blower
• 25” x 36” x 29” Frame
• 12” Operating Vacuum

Fury 2400

Captures up to 98% of the water being used with no run-off or damage to surroundings!

Steel Eagle’s powerful 2400SE/2400 is a one-step system that pressure washes, rinses and instantly recover the waste stream for proper treatment.

This clean-and-capture system will expand your opportunities for higher paying, environmentally sensitive jobs, and more profit.

Use indoors or out with no overspray and no containment problems.

 Standard Features:

♦  Electric Start
♦  High-Efficiency Vacuum Pump
♦  Vacuum Gauge
♦  High Vacuum Engine Shutdown
♦  Automatic Waste Water Pump-Out
♦  Heavy-Duty Frame and Waste Tank
♦  Waste Collection Bag Filter
♦  Hour Meter
♦  50′ Vacuum Hose
♦  One-Year Warranty


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