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Hose Reels & Hoses

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Heavy Duty, Hot Water Rated Hose Reels & Hoses

Swivel Hose Reels

Drop-in arm hose reel


  • Improved  Hose Axle– Stops hose from kinking over when attached to hose reel axle.  Eliminates wear on the hose, so hoses last longer
  • Adjustable Friction Brake– Eliminates hose backlash when unwinding
  • Heavy Duty Performance– Super Swivel * plumbing rated to 4000 PSI & 325* standard
  • Easy Push/ Pull Spring Loaded Lock Pin- Prevents unwanted hose unwinding
  • Multi-Position Collar W/ Spring Loaded Lock Pin- Allows reel to be positioned in a variety of positions and locked
  • Durable Construction- Heavy gauge cold rolled metals manufactured a durable reel, capable of securely storing high-pressure hose.
  • Easy Turn Handle- Prevents fatigue when coiling your hose
  • Hose Guide- Allows for easy hose rolling & prevents tangling
  • Double Bearing Design W/ Stainless Steel Shaft- Prevents side movement and allows the reel to swivel freely
  • Locking Collar Shaft- Prevents reel from sliding out of the bracket vertically
  • Smooth Radius Bent Arm- Eliminates 90* bend and strengthens the arm

Swivel Reel w/ Slide-In Arm

Slide in arm hose reel

Swivel Reel w/ Mount Block Kit

Mount block swivel hose reel

Swivel Reel w/ Drop-In Arm

Swivel reel with drop in arm

Swivel Reel w/ Flat Surface Mount

Swivel reel with flat surface mount

Swivel Reel w/ Wall Mount

Wall mount swivel hose reel

A-Frame Hose Reels 1/2″ Plumbing

“A;’ Frame hose reels

Available in 8″, 12″ 18″ and 22″ widths

Stainless Steel Softwash Reels

soft wash “A” frame stainless steel hose reel

  • 304 Stainless Steel Center Hub & Sides
  • 304 Stainless Steel 1/2″ Plumbing
  • Available in 8″, 12″ 18″ and 22″ widths

Hose Reel Accessories

Hose Reel Stack Kit

Hose reel stack kit

Stack Kit:
The Stack Kit makes it an easy way to stack two reels to save space on your trailer, truck bed, shop or show floor.  The Stack Kit is Powder Coated for durability. It holds all sizes of the Steel Eagle A-Frame Hose Reels and the 7000 Series Hose Reels.

Hose Reel Cart Kit

Hose reel cart

Reel Cart Kit:
This is a great way to make your reels mobile. Powder-coat steel with pneumatic tires for long lasting durability and ease of movement.

Hose Reel Hand Carry Kit

Hand Carry Kit:
The Hand Carry Kit is the perfect accessory when you really need a mobile reel.  The Carry Kit is powder coated for durability. It holds the Steel Eagle 100′ Mini Reel and the Steel Eagle 8″ A-Frame Reel.


High-Pressure Hoses

We carry a variety of high-quality pressure washing hoses from single wire, double wire to non-marking hoses, we have what you are looking for.  Available in 25′, 50′ and 100′ lengths and in stock!  

Non-marking high-pressure hose