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Alkota Cold Water Electric Pressure Washers


BX Industrial Series




The BX cold water pressure series from Alkota features belt drive pumps, non-corrosive float tanks, and high-pressure detergent application. The BX series is available from 2GPM at 1600PSI to 5GPM at 3000PSI.  Options available include auto start/stop, hour meter, wall mount kit, and portability kits.

Wash Bay Series

BX Cold Water Pressure Washer




The wash bay series from Alkota is ETL certified to UL-1776 certified and is ideal for heavy-duty wash environments.  These all-electric, cold water pressure washers feature delt drive pumps, high-efficiency electric motors, and non-corrosive float tanks.  There are sixteen different models ranging from 2GPM at 1600PSI to 10GPM at 3000PSI.  Optional auto start/stop is available.

Wash Cannon Series

Wash Cannon Series






This series is a high-volume low-pressure system designed to complete large cleaning jobs quickly.  Gas engine or electric motor driven.  The Wash Cannon utilizes a diaphragm pump that can solids up to 3/32 in size. Four models are available ranging from 21GPM at 1000PSI to 25GPM at 750PSI.

ES Economy Series

ES Economy Series




The ES Series is a small, portable cold water pressure washer ideal for general cleaning needs.  They feature direct drive pumps, pneumatic tires, and a heavy gauge steel frame. There are five models available ranging from 2.1GPM at 1200PSI to 4GPM at 3000PSI.  Flat-free tires are available as an option.

HHS Series

HHS Series Washer




The Hog House Special was originally designed for use in swine cleaning operations.  The HHS series features a galvanized frame, belt drive pumps, low-pressure chemical, and an 18.5-inch wide frame that fit through the narrowest of doors.   Four models are available ranging from 3.5GPM at 4000PSI, to 9.2GPM at 1500PSI.  Options include auto start/stop and remote.

S & Sh Series Electric

Sh Series Electric




These cold-water series feature electric motors, belt drive pumps, and pneumatic tires.  S series for water temperatures up to 160 degrees and SH series for temperatures up to 185 degrees. Eleven different models are available from 3GPM at 2000PSI to 8GPM at 3000PSI.  Options include auto start/stop, and flat-free tires,

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