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Wash-Bots 626 EZ

Wash-Bots Fleet Wash System

Our Portable Car Wash 626-EZ is a quantum leap in providing fleet owners endless wash muscle and wash-anywhere convenience, all at the touch of a button. Your detailers will now have a car-wash, bus wash or trailer-wash-machine on wheels, able to go from indoors to outdoors, or from bay to bay, to wash up to 30+ vehicles on one charge.

The EZ Drive 4WS (Easy Drive four wheels steering) 626 makes washing a vehicle easier than ever, and faster than ever!

Product Specifications

wash-bots fleet wash system

Product Description


Twenty-five years in the making, the NEW generation battery powered Bus Wash Machine 626-EZ has quickly become our best seller worldwide. The 626-EZ is a high-tech car, SUV, van, bus, RV, truck and trailer washer ‘on wheels’. Totally portable with soap, water, traction, brush rotation and inclination all available at the touch of a button.

The best features of the Bitimec Wash-Bots line are incorporated on this top-of-the-line car wash machines, including:

  • All stainless-steel frame with lifetime warranty
  • ‘Brush only’ inclination system for better stability
  • Centrally located patented traction wheel for sure traction
  • Full machine height safety bumpers on both sides
  • Double rudder controls for featherlight steering
  • 112gallon water and 13gallon pre-soak tanks
  • Stainless steel adjustable spray nozzles
  • Proprietary presoak applicator/nebulizer
  • Battery irrigation system for a quick top-up

The 626-EZ has quickly become the go-to machine for washing small to large fleets, adopted enthusiastically in all transportation sectors for people and freight.

We designed the Wash-Bots line to make the job easier and faster while using far less water, detergent, manpower, and time than conventional vehicle washing methods. Each model turns an operator into a virtual wash crew.

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