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Wash Bots Fleet Wash Systems

In business since 1988, Bitimec has pioneered the field of mobile washing machines for on-road vehicles, on rail vehicles, and utility-scale solar panel installations. We are the undisputed market leader in all three sectors, which we have united under the specialized “Wash-Bots” division.

Our cost-effective mobile machines are designed to make jobs easier and faster while using far less labor, water and time than conventional methods.

No matter what you need to wash, we will offer you the easiest solutions on the market affording you the fastest ROI.

Why Wash Bots

  • Easy to Use – One operator is enough to handle most washing jobs.
  • Cost Effective – Our machines are affordable, bringing you the fastest, most cost-effective solutions.
  • Saves Water & Soap – Our wash systems use far less water and chemicals, helping you go green and lower your costs.

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