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Rea UltraVapor Steam Cleaning Overview

Mechanical Industry

UltraVapor Dry Steam Cleaning technology for the industrial and manufacturing industries

Rea UltraVapor Dry Steam Cleaning Equipment:

  • Reduces the amount of water used and wastewater created by up to 95% compared to power washing
  • Significantly reduces or eliminates the use of solvents, acid bathes and other chemicals to clean equipment and materials
  • Leaves equipment clean and dry ready for immediate use
  • “Details” equipment removing stains and residue build-up including in water-sensitive and difficult to reach areas
  • Safely used around electrical equipment, sensors, inside control panels, on motors, on wiring and electrical junction boxes/panels, etc. Cleaning can easily be done during production or line breaks with no disruption
  • Can be used during production reducing the amount of cleaning that must be done during scheduled shutdowns

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