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Hydro-Chem Mobile Wash Kits & Specialty Detergents

Mobile Wash Kits from Hydro-Chem

Mobile Wash Kits from Hydro-Chem are an easy and flexible way to mix your desired strength. Each kit will make either one, 55-gallon drum of RTU, 27.5 gallons of heavy-duty strength, or 13.5 gallons of concentrate. These kits are available for 1 Step and 2 Step fleet washes, degreaser, and specialty detergents.

1st Step Pre-Soaks

#1 FLEET PREP MW KIT: HF & Sulfuric acid-based. Brightens aluminum well.

#1 SUPERSONIC PRESOAK MW KIT: Ammonium biflouride and Sulfuric based with a little butyl. A safer alternative to #1 Fleet Prep while will having some mild aluminum brightening capability.

#1 COUNTERPUNCH MW KIT: Safe on polish 1st step. Contains citric, phosphoric, and sulfuric acid blend with a small amount of butyl.

2nd Step

#2 DYNACLEAN & BRIGHT MW KIT: Strong, sodium hydroxide-based truck wash soap that has a lower foam profile.

#2 GRIZZLY MW KIT: Sodium hydroxide and butyl-based “brown soap” that produces high amounts of shine and has a moderate to high foam profile. Very versatile for foaming applications, 1 step or 2 step methods.

#2 PANDA MW KIT: Polish safe #2 that pairs up well with #1 Counterpunch for a polish safe 2-step method. Contains a small amount of sodium hydroxide, but the NaOH is “buffered” by corrosion inhibitors which makes it polish safe. Similar to Grizzly, it contains butyl and has a moderate to high foam profile.

Specialty Detergents

High PSI offers many pressure washer detergents.

BUG SOAKER CONCENTRATE: An aggressive bug pretreatment for use prior to washing. Not safe on polish.

BUG SOAKER THIN CONCENTRATE SOP: Safe on polish. Mild bug pretreatment for use prior to washing.

CTC: Cement truck cleaner, exceptional rust removing solution.

HYDRO-SHEEN: Rinse and wax aid.

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