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Elgin Pressure washer parts are durable but often can’t withstand the Chicago winters without proper precautions. If you think you might have frozen your pressure washer, do not start it up! Instead, follow these steps to determine whether your machine needs maintenance from High PSI.

What To Do If You Froze Your Pressure Washer:

  • Step 1: Allow your pressure washer to defrost by placing it inside the house or inside a heated garage. Wait until the water inside has turned back into a liquid state.
  • Step 2: Once your pressure washer has completely thawed, turn on the power and start your pressure washer like you normally would.
  • Step 3: Watch and listen for unusual sights and sounds. If there is damage, a gas pressure washer could shut off automatically, while an electric pressure washer may trip a circuit or blow a fuse. Both machines could start making alarming noises.
  • Step 4: If your pressure washer has shut off, there is a clear sign of damage. If your pressure washer has remained on but is exhibiting unusual behavior, shut it off manually.
  • Step 5: If your machine is not acting normal, you’ll need to bring it into High PSI for new Elgin pressure washer parts. Pressure washers don’t often include freeze damage warranty coverage but check with your manufacturer for warranty details of your model.

To avoid costly repairs in the future, you should always drain your machine before storing it outside during cold months. In addition, you should run antifreeze through your Elgin pressure washer parts to further protect against ice buildup. Contact High PSI at 630.893.0777 for more information or for pressure washer repair!