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Total Detergent Evaluation

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Five Factors for Cleaning

  • Water Quality
    • High levels of water hardness & dissolved solids (TDS)
    • Water quality must be accounted for when washing and blending detergents
  • Soap Pressure
    • Applying detergents at higher pressure will improve brushless cleaning and increase efficiency
  • Temperature
    • Water temperature and atmospheric temperature will affect detergent performance
    • For every 18 degrees in temperature rise, molecules move twice as fast
  • Detergent Concentration
    • Relative strength of detergent blend used AND the dilution rate of application method
  • Dwell Time
    • Too much means soaps could dry or cause harsh reaction; too little means not enough reaction

Request a Five Factor, Cleaning System Check Up from High PSI

Did you know water quality of one of the leading factors in whether a detergent works well or not?  Did you ever wonder what’s in your detergent? We offer a program where we will come in free of charge to check the following:

What We Will Test

  • Check heat and pressure of your pressure washer
  • Testing of water hardness with a TDS meter
  • Testing pH level of your detergent
  • Test the concentration level of your existing detergent with a refractometer
  • Test the concentration level of detergent at the end of your gun & wand

What You Will Learn From this FREE Analysis

  • You’ll know if your equipment is operating at optimal cleaning performance
  • You’ll know how hard or soft your water is
  • You’ll know whether you are using a concentrated or pre-diluted product
  • We will give you recommendations on how you can improve cleaning performance

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