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A pressure washer utilizes highly pressurized water to remove stuck-on dirt from surfaces or objects. Pressure washers normally require little maintenance, but changing the pump oil, as directed by the owner’s manual, is important to keep it running smoothly. 

Some residential-use washers may have the pump oil filled in the factory and sealed, so refill those systems is inhibited. It is best to check the instructions in your owner’s manual to see maintenance tips for your pressure washer in Chicago

Why Does a Pressure Washer Need Pump Oil?

Pump oil is necessary for a pressure washer performance. The oil works as a lubricant to keep all mechanical elements working properly. Lubrication reduces internal friction and the wear and tear of parts as they move. Pressure washers in require pump oil to prevent damage and possible mechanical failures.

Why Do You Need to Change the Pump Oil?

First, to ensure that your pressure washers oil needs to be changed manually, take a look at the maintenance section of the manual. If the pump oil does require changing, make sure that you know the exact type of oil your machine requires. Changing your pressure washers pump oil is important to keep all mechanical functions running. Pump oil maintenance can also maximize the lifespan of your pressure washer. 

It will also prevent unnecessary wear and tear, which could save you from needing an untimely replacement.  Additionally, failing to maintain your pressure washer can lead to a voided warranty in some cases. Be sure to read all the specifications of your pressure washers’ warranty in the owner’s manual and change your pump oil if it is required. 

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