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Food Processing Cleaning Equipment

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    Even in food and beverage, facilities get dirty and need to be cleaned. Food processing cleaning equipment systems such as IceStorm90+ or IceStorm45 from Coulson Ice Blast give you the advantages of ice and dry ice, creating the ultimate multi-purpose tool that can tackle any application.

    Ice – Optimal applications in ice mode

    • Slicer and Dividers

    • Radial Feeders

    • Pack-off Tables

    • Ovens

    • Conveyors

    • Mixers

    • Baggers

    • Palletiser

    • Food Moulds

    • Slaughterhouses

    • Biomass recovery from bones

    Dry Ice – Optimal Applications in dry ice mode

    • Electrical Components and motors

    • All parts can also be done with dry ice

    • Costs are higher but no water at all is sometimes preferred

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