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Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

Commando® dry ice blasting machines provide an economical and efficient way to clean nearly any surface using dry ice pellets. The key advantages of dry ice cleaning are that it leaves behind no secondary waste (CO2 sublimates) and since it’s nonflammable and nonconductive, most equipment and machinery can be cleaned in place without any disassembly or cooling, reducing downtime in an industrial environment. Dry ice blasting is the ideal way to remove production residue, slag, release agents, contaminants, paints, oils, inks, biofilms & more! Commando® dry ice blasting machines are available with all pneumatic or pneumatic/electric operation and feature the BlitzFeed™ freezeless dry ice delivery system.

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Manufacturing Applications: 
• Sanitary cleaning of food processing & production equipment
• Weld cell cleaning, including robots & other equipment
• Production equipment
• Automotive parts
• Core boxes, aluminum molds
• Paint booths
• Ventilation systems
• Foundries
• Meat processing plants
• Rubber & plastic molding machines
• Rubber curing equipment
• Removal of inks from commercial printing presses
• Bottling industry
• Computer chip industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Packaging equipment

Small Business & Residential Applications: 
• Restaurants – grills, ovens & vents
• Residential cleaning – including homes, public parks, restrooms, etc.
• Mold remediation
• Fire restoration
• Historical restoration
• Wood finishing and restoration
• Automotive repair & service centers
• Graffiti removal for DOT, Government, Commercial (railcars, bridges, signs, buildings)
• Asphalt & concrete trucks
• Cemeteries and monuments
• Accident and crime scene clean-up
• Wine barrels

Other Applications: 
• Electrical and power generation equipment including transformers, sub-stations, wind turbines and generators
• Drydocking – commercial & military (ships & subs)
• Removal of algae, sea slime, salt buildup, etc. from boat hulls
• Commercial and military aircraft (engine, landing gear, etc.)