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Coulson IceStorm 90+

IceStorm 90+

The IceStorm 90+ blasting machine is the most efficient and environmentally friendly industrial cleaning tool in the industry. The design basis focused on simplicity, which translates through to

the exterior, operational controls, and internal workings of the unit.





Dual Ice

The IceStorm 90+ is the worlds first blasting machine to use both water ice and dry ice in the same machine.

Less Water

The IceStorm 90+ uses 95% less water than traditional blasting and produces negligible airborne contaminants, making there less water waste to clean up and less waste to recycle.


The same uncompromised performance of the IceStorm 90 tackling countless applications; lead paint abatement, asbestos removal, marine, graffiti, pulp & paper, food industry, fire and building restoration and many more.


  • Non-pressurized hopper
  • 90lbs ice/200lbs dry ice
  • 120V/12A
  • Weight: 535lbs
  • Compact: 42″Lx28″Wx47″H
  • Operating Pressure: 80PSI-200PSI; (200psi in – 190psi out), 185CFM – 425CFM
  • Simple operational controls
  • PSI gauges measuring pressure in and out
  • Variable feed rate: 0-5lbs per minute
  • Anodized exterior panels
  • 24 month or 1200 hr warranty
  • Lower levels of airborne contaminates
  • Superior internal ice crusher

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