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HeatMizer Series

HeatMizer Series

The HeatMizer Series is Hotsy’s line of portable radiant heaters with clean combustion and 99.9% efficiency. Using diesel #1, diesel #2, kerosene or jet fuel, the HeatMizers innovation lies in the elimination of the refractory material cone that surrounds the combustion chamber on competitive heaters. The direct heat flow radiates instead of blowing air, so there’s no air movement.

The HeatMizer features a metallic forced air insulation pocket between the combustion chamber and the external protection cone. The cooling air is blown through the pocket by the burner fan, which overcomes the fragility and brittleness of ceramic cones. This keeps the frame cool to the touch.

We have two infrared heater models – the HeatMizer 115 and the HeatMizer 155. Features include:

  • Uses 120V / 1 Phase power supply
  • Low noise level / Construction & Ag approved
  • Up to a 16 hour run time
  • Up to a 17.2 gallon tank capacity
  • Directional cone locking mechanism
  • Extendable protective floor shield
  • CSA Approved

RedHot Cannon

RedHot Cannon

The RedHot Cannon Series is Hotsy’s line of portable forced-air indirect heaters. Using diesel #1, diesel #2, kerosene or jet fuel, the RedHot Cannon can be ducted to provide clean, dry healthy heat for outdoor events and residential or commercial construction sites.

Diesel indirect-fired portable heaters use an embedded burner with combustion air obtained from the main ventilation fan. The RedHot Cannon heaters feature a four-pass heat exchanger that contains the flame and expels fumes through a chimney connected to the outside. This technology allows exhaust gases to increase heat exchange with the cooling air and obtain maximum thermal efficiency.

We have three indirect heater models – the RedHot Cannon 100, RedHot Cannon 200 and the RedHot Cannon 300. Features include:

  • Four frame sizes: one duplex, and three triplex sizes – small, medium, large
  • Electric Control Panel
  • Up to a 14 hour run time
  • Up to a 27.7 gallon tank capacity
  • Controllable by the thermostat, humidistat or timer
  • 10” pneumatic wheels
  • Approved for construction
  • CSA Approved