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Heater Model 200

The lightweight, versatile 200 single pass heater is designed with a lifetime limited heat exchanger warranty and an advanced heat exchange. This heat exchanger reduces thermal stress points, which creates a longer lifespan and allows for easier maintenance.

  • Heat exchanger design eliminates the need and cost of a burner target
  • Tubeless: No fuel tubes means reduced cleaning time, no tube replacement or repair costs
  • Accessible Design: Labor saving with up to 75% less cleaning time than a conventional multi-pass system
  • Warranty: lifetime limited heat exchanger warranty
  • Versatile: Dual stack connections vent gas out left or right side for more versatile installation. Model 200 also provides multi-directional air ventilation through the left and/or right side and up or down louvering.
  • Squirrel Cage Blower Standard
  • Multiple Voltages: 120-volt/60-amp and 220-volt/50-amp available
  • Multiple Mounting: Designed for floor stand, tank rack or ceiling suspension mounting
  • Customized regular and complete maintenance of heat exchanger