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IceStorm 45

The IceStorm 45 blasting machine is the most efficient and environmentally friendly industrial cleaning tool in the industry.  The design basis focused on simplicity, which translates through to the exterior, operational controls, internal working of the unit.


With our newly designed IceStorm45, the option to switch between Ice and dry ice blasting mode is as easy as the push of a button. By pressing the C02 button on the control panel the jaws retract allowing the dry ice to pass through without issue. There is no longer a need to haul multiple machines for different applications as the IceStorm45 meets all demands and is lightweight.









Use Less Air

The IceStorm 45 uses half the CFM of the IceStorm90 and 90+ which means smaller compressors can be used.

Light Weight

Not only is the machine itself is more than half the weight, but our nozzles and gun have also had a redesign to reduce weight, making this a safer machine to operate.


The same uncompromised performance of the Icestorm 90+ tackling countless applications; lead paint abatement, asbestos removal, marine, graffiti, pulp & paper, food industry, fire & building restoration and many more.

Uncompromised Performance

  • Non-pressurized hopper
  • 45lbs ice / 45kg of dry ice
  • 12oV/12A
  • Weight 195lbs
  • Compact 39″Lx22″Wx36″H
  • Operating Pressure: 90PSI-225PSI, 135CFM to 240CFM
  • Onboard Regulator
  • PSI gauges measuring pressure in and out
  • Variable feed rate: 0-5 Lbs per minute
  • Anodized exterior panels
  • 24 month or 1200 hr warranty
  • Lower levels of airborne contaminates
  • Superior internal ice crusher
  • Simple operational controls

See It in Action Here